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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 1, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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coming up another debt of morning fog and cold tempters. let's get the forecast for today and the weekend ahead. today is gonna be very similar as for what we saw yesterday and. temperatures are little mild to nineday.
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we do have a lower clouds even chisel henoch close to the coastline. tempters as low as 69 to zero hundred and one. by next there's stang the warmus will be in the upper 80s. as we look to traffic we have a
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little over nine construction. " for it should not san mateo bridge your good of both directions. please are not beating up patrols. from my has seen its 10th homicide for the year along with stabbings and shootings.
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after residents reported hearing gunshots early thursday morning, police found the victim identified by family members lifeless on the lawn of this vacant home. mcfarlane cousins said he had dental problems but did not have a violent personality. this comes just eight days after a 16 year-old boy and a 20 year- old man was seriously wounded in a drive-by shooting. what a man was strapping two kids into his. car his then over the weekend a woman was stabbed to death in her home.
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lt. herman robinson said that extra officers have been pulled onto the street to help with the extra stream of crimes they say are not corp. connected. suspended state senator and the lindy pleaded not guilty. the 65 year-old
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big win for california has speed rail projects. the state can resume selling 10 million bonds for the project. in new state senate report found that several people brushed off flock reports. six people were injured after and element heyman tried to bred
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jumped a curb hitting several people. all five were taken to the emergency room. two of the people will need surgery. coming up a 72 hour cease-fire to negotiate a more permanent.
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permanent along with california's drought hitting new highs.
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million-dollar homes cells are at an all-time high. nearly 6000 homes sold for a million dollars this past spring. and local real-estate agent shogun for a two-bedroom house listed for $2.3 million house.
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high demand is fueling the market's. this could change as more apartments are constructed.
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the latest report is out. a month ago 33 percent of the state is a and an exceptional drought. now it 8058%. things are pretty bad and essential california. the apparel and portal wildfire was reaching close to the city however and now the city is 58 percent contained. the fire has burned to nearly 400 a. so far.
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as for whether we have areas of low clouds. will have a full look of your friday forecast coming up when return.
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let's head over to the weather department. to bid you will see tempters range from the upper 60s along the coast to triple digits to places like livermore in antioch. we will see some relief as we head into the weakenweekee are seeing drizzle along the coastline. at lunchtime we will
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see some clearing and then by three woes the afternoon highs. you'll notice but of a clock where are the in the '70s and for places like salmon tail and san francisco. '80s for the south bay. livermore into the '90s. it will be a live little cooler near 8:00pm. let's look in your neighborhood... we are talking of tempters much warmer
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than expected this time of year . we also have a save the air alert and the fact. hopefully that will improve as we head into the weekend and get some sea breeze. as for traffic around the area we are not monitoring and the hot spots. san mateo bridge could in both directions. allah's will of the 10192 interchange. was down 580
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books could. a bill to overhaul of the apartment of affairs is headed towards the president's desk. the measure it is in response to
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do if this thing go of delays at said the medical agency. a split in reply publican pardo
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house majority leader eric is resigning. the seventh term congressman was already heading out of office. the federal government is prohibiting u.s. airlines at or below 30,000 ft. around i iraq. the faa is also prohibiting chacarriers out of all iraqi
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airports. mandatory seven to and our ceasefire were in negotiations for more durable truce--face during this time those who need emergency relief will be provided with that along with burying their dead. a d.c. as with no known cure it will reach the man is states for the
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first time. there has never been an known case of ebola and the united states. the cdc plans to bring to the infected americans back to the united states. these patients are currently in stable but grave states. after an intense stage people can cause internal and external bleeding. the world health organization stated that people li people ar-
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ebola cannot be controlled and south america. it's a recommendation that people did not travel to these three locations. will be back with more news at the minute
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the dodgers are starting to play when. crenshaw had a solo home run his 13th of the season. dodgers beat the braves. back at the west tournament second round of venus williams takes on as fragment to come.
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venus advances to the quarterfinals today. tiger woods playing at bridgestone international. piker shouted to 68 and is tied. a spanish soccer club is going formal for its 90th anniversary. eighteens heated up in a cross between a teunifom and talks. a chp officer and, hitting a woman along with park police--
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bart police are investigating car thefts. here's a live look at our approach of the salmon to approach--san mateo bridge
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coming up extra police patrols the two extra police violence-- violence. in other cases a teenage boy in a man was shot by a drive-by
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shooting. stephen t. is pleading not guilty. a state appeals court has overturned to btrue rulings.. let' let's check the weather nursing a lot of cloud cover along the coastline. the cloud cover and not as extensive today. we are seeing a minimal fog from our amount can can. and
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looks like clear conditions as you work your way down to the golden gate bridge. today will be another coastoasty want in my and. right now tempters mainly in the upper 50s and the '60s. in the afternoon it was seeing a low of '60s to a high of the triple digits. as we look ahead in the seventh day forecast you will see a cool weekend. as for traffic in looks like we may have some traffickesome proh
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the letter rails due to a electricity failure. meter lights are off right now. salmon tell bridge is steady 12 to 13 minutes.: gate bridge it shows fog not as heavy. some park in place are accused of racist graffiti on lot on the
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lockers and in the locker room. they told the agency but the agency did not move fast enough . there were forced to hire an attorney for around december. part says that will no alamo please want help catching
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a burglar. surveillance video caught a man had a home stealing from several homes. 21 year-old tyrrell duncan has been named the suspect stealing a truck and hitting several cars. sonoma is now warning people in and who is impersonating a police officer. he is driving a ford victoria. the driver is a
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known been a member our has not been charged with crimes related to impersonating a police officer. 51 year-old marlene was punched nine times earlier this month. the woman has filed a federal lawsuit against the chp officer. a spare the alert is issued today. children and the elderly are among the most ssusceptible .
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big changes coming to the golden gate bridge. and medium there is been installed. that are temporarily taking them on the power and officials will take up the hand out of the clock. the stock will not be available for the next couple of months.
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still ahead at&t getting ready to install a new tower.. along with the maps helping you catch water wasters.
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coming up after the brick.-- break
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friend their fire offers a free at of scanning face book friends to find sex offenders. here's a look at how it works. open up the face book at then type and
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for and verify that pass. could come that it will take you to their pitch. then click the stand from near mobile phone link. the results come up almost immediately. it is good to know the color coding system the act uses. orange means someone's name and location. every result has in more information but and. if you click on that in a mug shot of the victi will show.
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i think this is a good tool for women and children. planes resembling the killer whale channel are no longer going to be available. will take a break and be back with more news in the
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residents near this them meet national park will be able to return home. 50 homes that were evacuated over the past week are now able to return home. the fire is 58 percent contained. oslo happening to the and the park will open a the works. as for a forecast for friday it will be another hot. and looks like some areas can reach into the triple digits to the and. as for it hampshires right now they are on the cooler side. we are
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not seen as a many clouds as we did yesterday. clear conditions after coming down from the golden gate bridge. by lunchtime on we are already in the '70s for the coastline and the stay. as we are heading are possible highest it we are looking at triple digits. on average is 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. here's a look the year highs for today....
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as for of the weekend we still will seek court whether. we will see a pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine. as we take a look at traffic and a cigar has been issued and a big crash on westbound and ease down 580. this accident and
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falls a big rig gas and big creek parts. concede the red indicating a speech dropping below 20 mi. per hour. you're also seeing place on the eastbound side up and down to 10 mi. per hour. the chp has no estimated time when these lands will open. the bay bridge toll plaza looks good cemetery bridge also could . to provide you with an update
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on the rails and 15 minutes. at berkeley family is worried about plans to put in eight at&t power. this is six months year-old area and a chain and her twin year- old sister sabrina. both were born three months matuearly. this
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tower meets all federal regulations as the smallest type of cell phone antenna micro is a and
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sell funds can emit more than this our. california's drought has now hit historic levels. the fight to save water has also given rise to drought shaming. now if you want to report on your water wasting neighbor they have an act for that. a good neighbor will go to the door and say hey to know that
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your sprinkler pass in the. channing each other is the wrong way to do and. the park police are investigating car park paths. the thieves stole all three vehicles in the the middle of the day and a lot. as he can
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imagine commanders are worried and outraged ma their way at work. if you have a toyota a sugi experts recommends looking into an anti theft device.
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brian williams is a proud dad. on wednesday his daughter landed the lead role of peter pan life . and if you love the hundred games catching fire soundtrack she will be on mocking jane part one. big pain has been put
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on hold the tutu off contract negotiations. there are asking for a million and raises. a new audio recording of bill clinton and. along with a ruling that could move from high-speed rail closer to us.
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top story is just two hours into
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a cease-fire and between israel and home loss. we're watching the weather this morning. happy friday but start with weather and traffic. we are seen falling with a low cloud cover stretching inland and will pull back in the afternoon. coast bay and lint
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beginning morning hours will see fogged with temperatures in the '50s and '60s. we would then seem very hot in lands and the triple digits. we do have many spare the air alert and affect 49. days over all over again for interstate 580. and overturned tanker truck flocking lanes in both directions. there may be a
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spill involved. and that's like we are back up to the 2 05. might start thinking as highway 4 as your alternate route. we also need to tell you about problems with the and the metro. they are having problems with power and have been for several hours. there are going to be disruptions to service between church street...
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officials and southern, chose just after torta of orris and to a ceasefire several were killed . fees are asking for your help to find a 65 year-old woman suffering from depression. it is not taking any money from depression and is known to visit frequently several churches. she
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has a tie then skirt black leggings brunel polish and glasses. six people injured as an elderly man drove his car over it a curb. the man was trying to parallel park but instead of breaking he hit the gas. hitting five people and critically injuring one the driver suffered minor injuries. the sonoma county fplease department is putting out a warning of a fake police
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officer. he is a known thing member but has not been charged with any crimes related to impersonating a police officer. \ and man was shot found shot to death on thursday. the 25 year- old kidnap mcfarland was found on a lawn of a vacant home. this to comes just eight days after a teenager in a man was hurt by a drive-by shooting. along with a warm and staffed to death and her home along with her five year-old son at being staffed. over 300 plants it was the
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worst one the drop since february. nasdaq off 93. a lot of what happens today aren't due to the monthly july reports. changes coming to the golden gate bridge. as they are trying to install a concrete barriers. cruised by temporarily taking down the clock. this is all part
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of the prep work to install the medium barriers. the plan isn't install of the concrete and paris of january next year. the
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bridge is starting to look a whole lot different. still ahead of bill clinton claiming that he could've killed close, but lawton. along with the first ever case of ebola heading its way to the nine states. bulldog: oooh!
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hours before congress goes to recess. of more later. in and recording will go over the why president clinton says he could have killed olosama but lofton
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on the use highway for. there our union metro problems this morning as well. there is a
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power problem at that the post junction if. because of that there are having to substitute bus shuttles. this took a look at the bridges was bound problem free. some detail and highway 92 also looks could. for your trip to the golden gate bridge problem free in both directions0. no backups in richmond.
5:18 am
as we look out over the bridge we see a mix of low-level clouds. our summer pattern is back. here's where tempters are at this very minute.... we expect '60s and '70s by the dairy with ease and '90s inland by lunch hour. we will see
5:19 am
triple digits for select locations along were certain portions of the south bend. even by this evening we will see cooling by the bank. tomorrow still hot but not as hot. that looks like monday will be equal a state. for the first time the artist hearing is startling audio
5:20 am
recording. " smart parent of spent a lot of time thinking about him. and nearly got an. i could have killed 10. {inaudible ] president clinton speaking to a group of businessmen said this august 10, 2010.
5:21 am
u.s. health officials are warning americans not to visit three south african countries to to ebola confessed editions. there will be and green to of americans back to america out with ebola. ebola has infected abuse 1300 people with an march. half of those were deadly.
5:22 am
colorado as note issuing driver's license and id cards to immigrants. there are so many people applying, that and their web site at one point crashed. still ahead at its 2010. will talk with the largest gathering of twins.
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>>: it's been reported as a tanker in fact it's a big rig. we are looking in the is bound direction with this is the commute direction on the west side. back >>: jackie: the commuters out here in the livermore valley which are looking at is the big rigs that the truck in the center divide the rig is south landed in the westbound lane the trailer that it was falling through cattle feed landed in the eastbound lane. so we have two lanes of traffic block in both directions. they're glad to
5:31 am
get this big retold out of here relatively quickly. the cattle feed trailer that you see right now may take a little longer but that's in the direction. it is the from the ground shot here that this traffic is coming from livermore heading toward tracy. this is one of the worst commute in the bay area on any given morning. we get this thing going no matter how long it takes them to clear. >>: here's a look at the location of the incident occurring beer vesco road and as we heard jackie say the two lanes are block east ground is already backed up coming out a livermore heading toward tracy and the west all right. muni metro is experiencing problems
5:32 am
this morning as well. there's problems with endows service with church and outbound services as well. their original is a power problem. they had to substitute bus shuttles this morning. let's go to the weather center here's james. >>: james : we can i shall make all at the light right now back into the shop with the marine layer the fault is starting to build as we head into the early morning hours. i want to walk you to the forecast for today and be on. it is high for your morning hours. tomorrow is partly cloudy and it will be a touch cooler but still on the warm side. temperatures will be in the '70s and '80s and '90s depending on where you are.
5:33 am
those temperature ranges well get back before they go forward. here are the afternoon highs for you today. in fairfield antioch present pleasanton and livermore all those committees will be a triple digit with the this afternoon. it's 90 + for a lot of communities in the santa clara valley. it's 80 in oakland will be back with the full forecast at 545. >>: diarrhedarya: 3 cattle convs have been stolen in broad daylight. to at the lafayette station and one from a car from the pleasant hill station all three vehicles were 200 suvs. that suvs are higher off the ground if you notice more than most vehicles. it makes them vulnerable because these can get
5:34 am
under the truck and cut the piece off in less than a minute. the commander gen that commuters are worried about this outrage. >>: its shocking to have a brand new vehicle and i came out and found pieces missing from my car would be shocked. this is pleasant hill in the walnut creek area and you would think something like that what happened. i don'tknow that that is an air pollution control but either way if you have that to a yodel look get that and the devices that you see here. >>: bar officials are investigating reports of rice this vandalism directed on employees. they're starting messages scrawled in their lockers. one masses' told the employee to die with a racial slur. bart says the incident is
5:35 am
being investigated as a hate crime. >>: a private investigator said that the bomb is confronting a student they did grabbed the boy at around the neck. she talked to the boy because they say that he was bullying her daughter. there was marks on the boy and they must have been self- inflicted. a private investigator hired by the school district said that the incident between the mom and the 11 year old was not witnessed by adult staff. these staff photographed the imprints on the boys and that within minutes of the confrontation. they also fall discrepancy in the statements that the student said that the boy grabbed his own throat. they have not yet filed charges against the mother. >>: a person claimed to be from the jury commissioner threaten
5:36 am
its victims within the west warwick firm failure to attend the jury summons. they wanted to pay several hundred dollars on a prepaid debit card or did be suspended from the rest. they say only residents that who do not come to core usually get a letter with a another summons to appear. a census go a man is accused of five people in a stolen van the other night. the crash the van and tried to escape a traffic stop. the crash and the vehicles in the sidewalk and the bicycle and pedestrian to people in the past who also were injured along with the woman who was in the van with them. she cooperated with investigators.
5:37 am
>>: earlier this month in los angeles a driver recorded those polled think impose that on you too. the woman was filed a civil rights lawsuit against officer in the chp commissioner. the officer was trying to keep the woman from walking into traffic. >>: the july jobs have just reported just coming out of a little bit of disappointment here with 2009 thousand jobs. the u.s. unemployment rate which is at 6.1 percent rose to 6.2%. right now doubt features are down another eight for the global sell-off. we're following the latest on wall street will bring you an update in the next hour. coming up next we have a million-dollar home sale reaching an all-time high in the
5:38 am
bay area where experts say is fueling the increase. at&t is getting ready to install a new cell phone tower and berkeley will tell you why one family is concerned about the potential radiation.
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authorities said that the underground explosions may have resulted from leaking gas building up in city stores. people in cars from some civil say that there are three stories in the air with the blast. >>: james: looking at the man behind the showing temperatures and a brother going to be this afternoon as you see the rainbow. that's what it's all about this afternoon.
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we have the same story for the commute with this hot spot. >>: is almost the exact same location this is a big read not a tanker truck so that is a difference. it's real messy on interstate 580 as traffic is backed up all the way to the 2 05 interchange. there's also east bay lane's blocked. joining jackie sissel now has kron for some will tran >>:will: this show you the lane's. unlike last time in both directions is over my right shoulder that is west of the good news is that they finally cleared one of the lane's that looks like a fire truck just left. it's probably a matter of time before they open all of west ball. the double what lane's so looks like it's already hitch to the tow truck it could be out of here soon.
5:46 am
the reason why is unaffected is because the tram were actually win over the center median, i talked to the chp and ask what was the estimate time of removing this. and you could seekers out here its cruise center seen on monday trying to remove all of the accidents that you saw what the banana. we're trying to make sure that the oil is gone. there is slow it go through this area. plus when you get to this place to go from five lanes down to three. the chp is not sure when it will open. they're open to open this up over the next hour. >>: i think you may have are the answer this question they are
5:47 am
not going to need the of low this trailer before they ride it they just want to deal to pick up you think? >>: they still have to investigate i tried to talk to them and they said they're not going through right now. there will probably have to bring out more heavy equipment. you could see that it's right here rocking the to lane's. the chp officer after the investigation it does not appear that there's anything inside. >>: george: there's big problems here for the ride on interstate 580 it's affecting the commute in both directions and at least the commute direction will be open soon and that did not commit suicide. where tracking other hot spots for you there's a problem with the muni metro this morning that is jamming up the ride between bow street and church street station. in
5:48 am
downtown san for cisco the embarcadero there's a problem with a power that been set to run bus shuttles instead. commuters will have to transfer after they come in from west portal to track and upholstery. when not experiencing any problems yet on the stand 92 and the san mateo bridge ride also look but there's light traffic still. the golden gate bridge ride from one no one north pole and south ball our problem free. or tracking the commute into iran and the richmond san rafael bridge. weather check now here is james. >>: here's a live look for more motel camera you can see some of the low clouds out there this morning. we're saying nice decent breaks. let's talk about the forecast for today right now
5:49 am
we're seeing temperatures as we have been all week long and the upper fifties to low 60s. this afternoon it will be high. south bay 90 in san jose 98 to near 100 and the valley. 97 for law settles. reglets city dr. karl otto amdahl v will be in the upper 80s this afternoon. livermore 101. when it received triple digit weather and all throughout the delta. it's 99 for danville 100 for pleasant and so you're going to be in that mix as well. we're glad to see about 80 degrees and oakland with the sunshine there. in 66 of the coast to see the microclimates are beginning to give us a wide temperature
5:50 am
range. a hundred to england for the east bay valleys. --inland. now this week and we did: down slightly as we head into saturday and into sunday. maybe monday will be the coolest stay within the next seven days. it's cooling to and 90 degrees. it's 550 let's send it over to erica. >>: erica: including a new study about black cast of the sale of the neverland ranch. this story that they're talking about right now is picking up on social media this morning the pictures here is 17 hero selena she's a volleyball player who plays for a squad. she's a very beautiful young lady but according to local media covering her volleyball tournament beautiful an athlete does not work well
5:51 am
together. there say to she's too pretty to play volleyball. the not-the following the championship a more even her coat said that is impossible for the entire team to compete like this. she said she was flattered at first but now the tension is overwhelming. it's crazy that they think she is too pretty to compete. >>: 551 right now and million- dollar home sales are all-time high in the bay area they say that 6000 homes were go in for at least a million dollars. has only two bedrooms and is listed for 1.3 5 million. a two-bedroom the real estate agents said he's not surprised by the high prices. >>: the stock market is doing well and so is the job market.
5:52 am
they're at a record high they're creating new, but not shocked is happening. >>: high demand is to lead the market because it's not allowed import sorry to. that could change as more construction is completed. >>: how lawmaker was to create a specialty license plate celebrating the homecoming of line james. he plans to introduce legislation with the next few weeks. >>: the lead bull commander of license plate for low bronze homecoming. >>: the lawmaker and ohio says that the play will commemorate the nba stars contributions to the economy of ohio and children
5:53 am
and family. ohio already has more than 70 specialty plates. >>: ravens are running back saying that their actions are inexcusable. they're saying that because of this video trending. from his elevator after hitting her unconscious. there is a news conference yesterday he said that he let his family down and then he let down the city of baltimore. >>: no football games are no money can determine what have to live with for the rest of my life. so that punishment that i've received by the nfl and hurts because i can't walk their playful ball but it hurts more than have to be a father and experience what happened to my daughter. the punishment is a punishment and i never planned on the appealing any kind of punishment. the matter how the gangs of an old up to my actions to be a man about it.
5:54 am
>>: roger could tell david to games and criticize the that some people say that's not enough. he says that he has no handed is ready to upset whatever the punishment is. >>: will be right back to the kron 4 morning news here's a live look outside at the san mateo bridge.
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just two hours into a cease-fire truce. deadly fighting resumes between israel and hamas. and the hot weather continues in parts of the bay area. a preview of your weekend forecast next. new this morning. >>: 58 west


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